My Server Farm

The server hosting the web pages you are viewing (as well as my mail, DNS and DHCP services) is called Paqet, pronounced "packet", not paquet, not par-kay, just packet, okay?) has specs:

CPU GenuineIntel Pentium MMX @ 166.406MHz
Hard Disk 2GB Quantum Fireball ST2100A

More detailed information.

It is running FreeBSD 5.4 (take that, lunix lovers!@#), and lives in my wardrobe.

Server Farm

Nibbler is no longer a crappy Debian Sarge box, he is now another lean mean FreeBSD box.

CPU GenuineIntel Pentium @ 400 MHz
Hard Disk 6GB Maxtor 90651U2

Bit is my Music/Downloads Server... Serves up MP3s/M4As over SMB and NFS, as well as being a place for Nibbler to put large torrent downloads (as he only has a 6GB hard disk). Runs Debian Sarge.

CPU GenuineIntel Pentium @ 200 MHz
Hard Disk A 2GB Quantum Fireball?? who really cares
Hard Disk B 120GB Seagate Barracuda-thing (IV Maybe... do you really care?)

Because Bit has a big hot hard disk, it requires an extra fan for cooling; however DSE (the easiest place to go to find hardware, I have my reasons... go away Tricky Dicky haters) seems to think everyone likes pretty coloured light fans. Hence the coloured light fan in Bit:

You're missing out on some pretty lights
Rollover me to turn the lights off!

(Note that there is also a green LED in the fan, but it works intermittently, so it's only bi-colour. HAHA, bi!)

They are connected to the internet via a 256k down/128k up BitStream ADSL connection.

All the components of my network are joined together as per the diagram below. Anyone who wants to hack me CHECK OUT THE MULTIPLE BIG-FUCK-OFF-FIREWALLS in place. That are really there. I swear. Underneath the switch. Please don't hack me.

I've received literally ZERO emails asking me how I named my servers, so I'll attempt to answer that now. Paqet is a Compaq box, and packet is an internet term e.g. TCP/IP packet. HAHA I'm a geek.

Nibbler was not named by me, but was named after Nibbler from Futurama, by a friend with an unhealthy obsession with cartoon characters.

Bit is a Digital box, and binary digits are called bits... and bits are geeky too (there are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't).

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