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Cheap McDonald's™, ***WOW***!@# $1 RESERVE for sale - - New Zealand
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Cheap McDonald's™, ***WOW***!@# $1 RESERVE

Current bid: $2.00  |   Reserve met   |  Closed: 6:26 pm, Fri 4 Feb 2005
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Do you like Maccers? Wish you could have more for a little less? Want to save up to ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($100) at McDonald's™?!

You are bidding on 10 McDonald's™ discount vouchers. The 10 discounts are:

• 1 x BLT Bagel for only $2.95!

• Big Mac™ Snack for only $4.95! (contains 1 x Big Mac™, 1 x Small Fries, 1 x Small Soft Drink)

• 2 x Bacon & Egg McMuffin™ for only $4!

• 2 x CheeseBurger for only $2!

• 2 x McChicken™ for only $6!

• 2 x Big Mac™ for only $6!

• 2 x Sundae for only $2!

• Free CheeseBurger (when you buy The Boss Combo)!

• Family Meal Deal for only $19.95 (contains 2 x Big Mac™, 2 x CheeseBurger, 4 x Medium Fries, 4 x Medium Soft Drink, 4 x Sundae)

• Buy any espresso coffee or frappé and receive another FREE (valid at McCafe).

Each of these vouchers can be used up to five (5) times, allowing for a total saving of up to $100.

Conditions of these vouchers are:
All vouchers are valid from Monday 31st of January until Sunday the 27th of February.

One voucher per customer per visit.

Not to be used with any other McDonald's™ food/promotional offer, Combo, Large Combo, or Meal Deal purchase.

Typical McDonald's™ rules apply, e.g breakfast items only available before 10:30 AM.


All trademarks ™ are owned by the McDonald's Corporation.


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Closed 6:26 pm, Fri 4 Feb. This auction used auto-extend.

Auction Number: 21949698

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ieee1394 (9 
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Member since December 2003

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Location:Auckland City, Auckland
Shipping:$.45, standard postage rates.
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Bid history
The reserve price was: $1.00 the reserve price has been met
 amount  date  time bidder
 $2.00   4 Feb  4:19 pm nzkiwi44 (229 
 $1.50   4 Feb  1:18 pm s_t_r_o_b_e (5 
 $1.00   4 Feb  11:18 am ub3rdet (8 

 Comments on this auction
 are these the freebie coupons we get in the mail?  posted by: leeso (13 )  8:03 pm, Wed 2 Feb
 Yes, however I am trying to cater for: a) People who may not have recieved them in the mail. b) People who have recieved them and i) need more. or ii) want an extra $100 savings for as little as $1.45. or ii) lost them. c) People who want to collect McDonald's™ vouchers and also want cheap McDonald's™ reasonably priced food prodcuts. d) People who will buy anything. Good luck with bidding, hopefully you shall win!
 i cant believe that u need money so badly that ur selling these FREEBIES on the net...  posted by: tammibee (154 )  10:06 am, Fri 4 Feb
 I'm sorry, Tam, I couldn't find the question in your "question" to me... This is a serious auction. These discounts are REAL and GOOD value. As stated previously by me you can get $100 worth of discounts for as little as $1.45 ($1 for vouchers + 45 cents postage): that is a good deal. I cant belive that u need attention so badly that you choose to slander my auctions on the net...
 that really is as low as u can get  posted by: lilnymph (69 )  10:10 am, Fri 4 Feb question in your "question". In no way is this auction misleading. People know exactly what they are bidding on, where the vouchers came from etc. I am not being misleading and have previously stated my reasons for selling. I'm sure I could get lower, for example selling a non-working phone as "goes ok"...
 McDondalds certainly dont take too kindly to people selling their discount coupouns!!!!!!!!!! These are FREE to anyone who wants them from McDs and thru the letterbox.  posted by: daisygirl (572 )  10:13 am, Fri 4 Feb
 How do you know McDonald's™ position on discount-coupon sales? Nowhere on any of them does it say they are not to be sold. I don't know if you're trying to get people to realise that these are the coupons available free in the mail, that has been addressed in a prior question, so no new information there. I will reiterate: I am trying to cater for: a) People who may not have recieved them in the mail. b) People who have recieved them and i) need more. or ii) want an extra $100 savings for as li
 Haha Yeah I'd have to agree with everyone elses comment on this auction. Pretty funny though. Yes once again this isn't a "question" - good spotting.  posted by: kylie_anna (80 )  10:24 am, Fri 4 Feb
 I guess the population's view on these is pretty unanimous. I know I can't stop people asking all these "questions", but unless you're considering purchasing and want more information, or think i have some more I'm withholding there's not much more I can say.
 Just thought you'd like to know that your auction is being talked about on the message board.  posted by: seven_cheeses (38 )  10:25 am, Fri 4 Feb
 How about this: if you buy my vouchers I will include a signed printout of this auction page, and the message board page, so everyone knows you took part in The Great McDonald's™ Voucher Auction '05. This deal just keeps getting better!
 if they wanted more, they could go to the mac dopnalds counter and pick one up next thing u know u'll be selling the burgerking ones  posted by: lilnymph (69 )  10:30 am, Fri 4 Feb
 Hey there's an idea... I do have some Burger King™ coupons sitting around as well. Any takers?
 if they wanted more, they could go to the mac dopnalds counter and pick one up next thing u know u'll be selling the burgerking ones  posted by: lilnymph (69 )  10:30 am, Fri 4 Feb
 Just answering this "question" so people don't see a "There is 1 unanswered question on this auction" and think that I'm not telling the whole truth.
 If you can get something for nothing then go for it! :-)  posted by: tara34 (83 )  10:30 am, Fri 4 Feb
 Exactly. Why waste vouchers I'm not going to use by throwing them in the trash when I could get a quick buck or two? That's economics/marketing for you.
 If people want more of these they can go to McDonalds and get them FREE and as many as they want. Yes, I do know McDonalds policy. Ring McDonalds and tell them what you are doing and see what they have to say about it.  posted by: daisygirl (572 )  10:32 am, Fri 4 Feb
 See below.
 Beleive me when i say that these cannot be sold as i asked my stepson who is a mackas manager and he said no they definitely cannot be sold,so before you find yourself in a whole lot of strife it may be wise to withdraw these from auction.  posted by: andy66 (31 )  10:37 am, Fri 4 Feb
 I've tried contacting McDonald's™, in my opinion hanging up on someone with a serious question is not good customer relations, and thus I am still out of the loop in terms of the legality of this.
 MEAN, thanks for the great auction, do you have anymore you can sell me?   posted by: ub3rdet (8 )  11:19 am, Fri 4 Feb
 Perhaps, you will have to see if you win first. Happy bidding!
 Do you have weight watchers vouchers for the people that buy these vouchers, who will in turn, become fat losers from eating that crap they call McDonalds.  posted by: raabi (6 )  12:27 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 Sorry I'm all out of Weight Watcher's(™?) vouchers, however keep an eye on my auctions in case some of those turn up in my mail box.
 whatta bum..why would u bother..selling these...answering all these questions (must get annoying) listing it...etc..listing fees..stamp for the the end ur only going to get a measly 50 cents or something..which u should put towards a new brain or a life...  posted by: psych0logical (12 )  12:51 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 Why shouldn't I sell these? No matter how you look at it, if I make 50 cents that's a 50 cent profit. Perhaps if you tell me where I can get a brain and/or life for 50 cents I can pick one up with my profits.
 hahahaha nice, you certainly put a smile on my dial today :oD  posted by: peacee (9 )  1:34 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 Thanks, I'm here to please :)
 Ha ha, provides viewers with a bit of entertainment too. Good on ya!  posted by: cptr (38 )  1:53 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 Thanks for your support :)
 hey mate...don't listen to these wankers. i wouldn't do it myself, but you're not hurting anyone. i bet they're the sort of people who complained about the "bugger ad". peace.  posted by: ollienz (46 )  2:25 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 My thoughts exactly. Cheers.
 It looks like you have already separated these coupons. Would I still be able to put them back together to read the Jason comic on the front?  posted by: markl (2 )  3:14 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 It's possible to line them back up and read the hillarious antics of Jason, however I might have an un-torn set of coupons here as well if you really wanted them intact.
 Hi, sorry, this isn't a question either- just wanted to commend you for your polite responses, patience, and upheld sense of humour!  posted by: stu45 (546 )  3:50 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 Thank you, it is sometimes hard with some of the impolite questions/statements I get.
 Good on ya dude- we are forever losing our coupons and if we still ate Mcdonalds, we would buy em happily for $2! Got any Dominoes ones lying around? lol  posted by: coyoteblonde (303 )  4:17 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 Dominoes as in the pizza place? I didn't know we had them in New Zealand. Sorry, none lying around. Maybe one day I will find them, keep checking out my auctions and you might get lucky.
 Hey I just wanna say good on ya! Don't listen to those bunch of wallies, they're just jealous 'cos they aint got a brain to think with - goodluck! Got any other freebee vouchers you wanna auction off?  posted by: cellar (68 )  5:02 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 Thanks a lot. I'm sure I'll get some more McDonald's™ vouchers in the mail. If I could auction them off I think it would send a good message to the McDonald's™ customer service representative I talked to who told me I wouldn't be able to sell free vouchers. That's what she gets for hanging up on me.
 are you for real ??? i think if you are low on cash busk and get a job.. something  posted by: milky14 (6 )  6:11 pm, Fri 4 Feb
 I am definitely for real. I can see and feel myself, I have mass, so I think I am real. Yes I could busk and get a job, but this is so much easier and more fun. Happy bidding!

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