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DO YOU USE CELL PHONES(your kids use them?) for sale - - New Zealand
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DO YOU USE CELL PHONES(your kids use them?)

Current bid: $10.50  |  Closed: 8:00 pm, Fri 19 Aug 2005
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Cell ph chips that protect you from electro magnetic waves that they produce.The waves come from the cell ph anntenna.These chips neutralise the waves keeping you safe.Children are at the most risk because of there skulls being a lot more thinner than adults.Ive got medical evidence to support this.Questions welcome.

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Closed 8:00 pm, Fri 19 Aug. This auction used auto-extend.

Auction Number: 33358985

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ken68 (29 
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Jul 2005

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Location:Timaru, Timaru - Oamaru
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Bid history
The reserve price was: $65.00
 amount  date  time bidder
 $10.50   19 Aug  7:15 pm ieee1394 (11 
 $10.00   17 Aug  11:28 pm queenretta (62 
 $5.00   15 Aug  7:56 am tomuchofme (20 

 Comments on this auction
 Actually what i'm bidding for please?  posted by: patronus (3 )  11:36 pm, Fri 12 Aug
 They are cell phone chips that protect you EMR electromagnetic waves that are harmful to your health.Your cell phones anntenna emits these waves of all the time.
 i stoped useing cell phones for that reson but how do we know that it works, does it weaken the service?  posted by: tomuchofme (20 )  8:43 pm, Sat 13 Aug
 well you can do a couple of physical tests but i would have to show you in person.No these chips dont interfere with the signal of the cell phone.The chips work in a positive negative way, when the cell phones anntenna emit these (electro magnetic radiation) waves the chip transmits opposite waves to neutralise the dangerous waves of your phone.
 so there is no way of it malfunctioning like if it get droper in water? it wont be doubling the emw?  posted by: tomuchofme (20 )  10:42 pm, Sat 13 Aug
 No definitly not it wont change any EMR rate at allthe phone wont go too good if you get it wet anyway.The chip will only be working if your cell phone is switched on & trying to get signal from towers.
 how big is it what do u need to install it can you detatch it to put it in a different phone how much more power does it use does it fit ll phones  posted by: tomuchofme (20 )  2:17 pm, Sun 14 Aug
 you put it in the back off the phone under the battery.Yes you can move the chip when you update your phone.The chip doesnt use power from the phone it works when it detects the signals from the cell phones anntenna.
 does it fit any phone?  posted by: tomuchofme (20 )  5:24 pm, Sun 14 Aug
 yes it fits on all mobile phones. These chips are paper-thin and the size of a 40c stamp.
 How does this chip know to block EMR only in the direction of your head and not the waves required to go the the tower and achieve communication with the cell tower? My Electrical Engineering degree would have me believe that a device capable of cancelling out EMR requires advanced signal processing devices...  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  4:14 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 These chips dont block the EMR waves that your phone emits it neutralise's them.Yes this little devices are state of the art.
 Also if I install this chip backwards am I in danger of doubling the amount of EMR irradiating my head? I'm sorry to say but I think someone has gypped you into believing a lie.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  4:22 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 yeh well you need to look & open your eyes a wee bit more!!!I think you should do a wee bit more reading too.Backwards...right!
 Also, even if this did work, what about the EMR coming from the tower to my mobile phone, through my head. Do I need to install a second device at the cell tower illegally?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  4:24 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 no you wouldnt need to do that if the EMR that your phone from its anntenna.The chip emits an opposite wave to nuetralise wave that the phone emits.So in that case you wont have to go to the cell phone tower & do anything illegal......but thats your call.
 Note: Tinfoil Hat NOT Included. You could fashion one out of household tinfoil and it'd probably do a better job than this 'device'.  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  4:30 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 how would you know?????Do you work for which phone company?
 Isn't it illegal to sell devices which knowingly interfere with the operation of another device? Oh wait, let me answer that for you: it is.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  6:04 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 Who said it interfere's with anything?
 You did. It interferes with what the cellphone transmits, and if it's "neutralising" waves that are emitted in one direction (towards the user's head) it is also "neutralising" waves in the other direction. Either way, the cellphone will not be able to communicate with the cell tower, thus rendering it useless.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:35 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 Wrong there Ben, have a look at my answers.The waves arnt pointing at the users head, the cell phones anntenna points in what direction????up isnt it?So your phone wont be useless at all.It will operate as usual.
 So are you saying that because the antennae points up the waves radiate upwards? If this were true, it would mean that a cellphone would only be able to communicate with a cell-tower directly above it, which is obviously not the case. Secondly, if all waves radiated upwards then none would go through your head, right? Therefore this device you are selling is redundant.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  8:48 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 sounds like you have got what?... going through your head?better go & load another disc up a....never know what you will get...
 You state you have medical evidence supporting this... Care to provide a link to this - it sounds very interesting.  posted by: neil.gardner (114 )  9:08 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 Sure go to There's a lot of food for thought there.
 So where is this evidence you supposedly have? Being an Electrical Engineer I would be quite interested in a technical explanation of the workings of this thing... Right now all you've succeeded in doing is convincing me you know absolutely nothing about RF Communication Systems...  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  9:15 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 as above.
 But that site states: At present there are no known reliable scientific medical instrumentation to consistently prove the positive effects of these devices.  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  9:19 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 there are very simple ways to prove that these work.I can get a demonstration for you if you like?
 shut the *hell* up and read: You placebo peddling hypochondriacal hippy  posted by: ub3rdet (13 )  9:21 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 Points 3 and 4 on the page suggest that any benefits experienced from using this product are purely placebo. The only real benefit will be to the seller making a large profit on a 3c sticker.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  9:23 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 well thats your call.keep your mircowave on ya head then a.
 I don't have a *mircowave* on my head, you JACKASS. Read the damn url. microwave freq is >2.5Ghz if I recall correctly, FAR higher than that of GSM, and CDMA's frequencies. GOD DAMN, you are an idiot.   posted by: ub3rdet (13 )  10:14 pm, Wed 17 Aug
 well good to know you got 1 thing right TOSSPOT!!!
 Seller Comment:  "ub3rdet"your hot link was as dated as you.....2000 i recall!!!!
 His link may be dated, however the physical effects of cell-phones are not going to change. If anything, their effects on humans will decrease over time as new models and more cell towers allow for lower transmission power. Besides, that's a moot point. The main issue here is that you are selling a device which claims to do something which is physically impossible. Please clarify how it is powered. If it draws power from the phone then it must shorten the phone's standby and talk time. By how m  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  12:23 am, Thu 18 Aug
 Yes you are right about 1 thing in this question.His document is dated.But that is only one opinion ive got several for you to look at if you are interested from people since 1982, can they all be wrong????The chip works when the cell phone is switched on & trying to get signal from tower.Well if you think its impossible fine thats your call.No it wont shorten any stand by time with receiving incoming & outgoing calls & normal use of the phone.
 Apologies, comment box is too small. If this device draws power from the phone, then by how much is the phone's battery life decreased.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  12:24 am, Thu 18 Aug
 Wells tests that have been done on the life of a normal battery of a cell phone.After a year or so you do notice a drop in the battery hold time of a charge but this is normal with batteries as they get older & spend more time on the charger. With normal use it doesnt have any life shorting with the use of this device with the ph.Ive had mine in two phones now with no problems what so ever.
 If it doesn't shorten the battery life then it obviously isn't drawing any power from the battery, so where is the device's power coming from? Thin air? The only way that would work is if it could somewhow induce a current to power itself, which is HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE from a DC source (which is what your phone battery is, and there's not going to be any other power sources around.)  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  10:45 am, Thu 18 Aug
 The device detects from from the signal that your cell phones anntenna emits.Its a fully enclosed circut.
 Unless this device can operate without power, which again is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE. From your descriptions you expect it to transmit a wave to cancel out the cell-phone's transmission. If the cell-phone transmits at 1mW, for example, then the device must also. It is IMPOSSIBLE for a device to generate a 1mW signal from no power. You can't get something from nothing.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  10:49 am, Thu 18 Aug
 It doesnt need power.You will find that cell phones emit 0-2.5mW & they are all different from phone to phone.The signal from tower will vary too depending on now hard your phone is trying to get signal to preform its normal duties.So there will be higher rates RF/EMR going through handpiece at different times which in affect gives you periods of exposure which is the health concern.
 Once again all you have done is succeeded in convincing me that you have no understanding in even basic physics. You are saying this device works by generating "neutralising" waves that cancel out the cell-phone's waves (in accordance with the superposition theory). Regardless of the power the cell-phone transmits at the device must generate an EQUAL and OPPOSITE wave to "neutralise" with. This is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT IMPOSSIBLE if it doesn't use power.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  12:39 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 You might want to check TradeMe's Terms and Conditions, it is a violation of them to post email addresses in questions/answers on an auction. Regardless, I don't see the point in emailing you: any crackpot theories you have can be posted here in public where anyone can see them, and you dig your hole deeper and deeper. Unless it's a document of some form that you have no where to hose online, in which case I will gladly host and debunk it for you. Keep in touch.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  1:58 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 its just anyother sentence not an email addy ok.Might have the same result but all within the rules.Proof is in the pudding ben.I can get some of my colleague's to show you a simple demonstration if you so like its up to you.
 Above question should read "host online" not "hose".  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  2:04 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 Perhaps you can first describe this test, so I can see if it's worth wasting my time on, or just another one of your misguided unscientific crackpot theories. Also, you have posted an email address, obviously, as you want me to email you, circumventing TradeMe. This is clearly againts their terms and conditions.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  3:24 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 well you arn't being straight up front,with all your so called theories or info so why would i waste my time explaining the proof thats available.thanx for wasting everyones time with your opinions.
 I have been up-front, and provided proper scientific facts rather than opinions and mistruths. All you're doing is saying that you have proof that this works and not divulging it. At least say what these tests are if you're so sure of them, e.g "after installing the device in my phone EMR detectors shows a 50% decrease in radiated waves" or some such. I can draw you some pictures if that would make it easier for you to understand why this thing will never work.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  4:02 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 I gave you my email address so I could email you back some of the evidence I have,if you choose not to then why keep the banter up on here.....
 I'm afraid that if I email you I'll wind up on one of your spam lists (  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  5:12 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 ok, your choice but I think everyone on trademe has had enough of your opinions. You have yours and I have mine....I'll stick to mine thanks and you believe what you want!
 I would have thought everyone on TradeMe had had enough of people trying to scam money by selling products that don't work... and also spam email. I know you won't publicly admit that this product doesn't work, as you would be out of a sale, and that's obviously more important than morality to you.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  5:26 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 yea yea
 Maybe some pictures and more explanatory words will help convince you and other TradeMe users why this device doesn't work:  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  6:11 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 I have plenty of pictures and documents to show you but its your choice not to provide me with your email address
 How do I know you haven't just written these documents yourself? Email address is on the above linked page anyway, down the bottom. Did you even read it? Just please don't add me to your non-spam bulk email lists.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  6:32 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 yes Im just reading your theory now, lol,you have been busy havent you!! I will email you some documents soon.
 I would appreciate it if you would stop calling these proven scientific facts 'theories'.  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  6:44 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 well isnt theories the proven way too establish facts?
 My "theories" as you call them are already facts. Your theories are the opposite of mine, and thus the opposite of facts. Hint: that means they're wrong.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:00 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 nice to see that you got graphs right well done.Hold your line of thought there.
 Yes but cellular systems are more than one of those 'it might work' theories... They have been operating for a considerable period of time, using well documented methods...  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  7:24 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 Yes that right the studies have been going since 1982 when the digital network went live.This isnt a new theory.Scientists from all over the world have been studies the effects EMR.
 Still waiting for the documents buddy...or have you got confused and started spamming me instead?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:25 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 you will receive it ben.
 Seller Comment:  Hey benny boy got some info for you cant the addy be a real one?????If you can read there is a book that you might want to spend some time with!!!"A Handy Way to fry your brain" "jeffbridges" "ieee1394"you should read this & learn a thing or too about the dangers!
 Um, you miss the point. Whether the waves are harmful or not is moot, I couldn't care less if they did, I'm waiting for the documents that prove this device works. Nothing you have said would convince me or anyone else with a scientific or engineering background that it does. Are you still fabricating some documents there? Nothing received yet.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  8:53 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 check your emails b---boy!!!!
 "A Handy Way To Fry Your Brain" doesn't seem to exist in Amazon's database, nor are there any references to it in the IEEExplore Database.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  8:55 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 author is DR R.James S.James
 So I'm supposed to believe this book over numerous studies that came to the conclusion that there is no scientific proof cellphones are dangerous? Should I be buying multiple of these devices to stick to my head to protect it from damage from other devices using a similar transmission frequency? I don't think so...  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  9:01 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 You have got that right jeff but the simple facts are that cell phones come in contact with your head when you them right?The thing is that you subjecting yourself to these EMR waves all the time your cell phone is switched on & because you have it with you most of the time if you use them of course.The 0-2.5mW might seem in effective but as you know the handset heats up as you are using it there lies the danger to your bodies makeup DNA.Which can be broken down by the EMR/RF.
 I believe the HANDset heats up because it would be typically held in a HAND. We are constantly being subjected to waves from other transmission sources... Though I may not hold a UHF television transmittor close to my head, the power output can easily be 100kW+... Cellphones are not the only trasmitting devices out there...  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  9:18 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 Yes thats right you are being subjected to them through tvs,mircowave oven,cordless phones etc but cell phones are with you more od the time & you are putting them close to your head.They also vary in the mWs that they put out from the towers.
 If you're trying to convince me of something by sending me a scan of a book, you might want to make it legible. Picture is posted here: The scanned text is eligible, and as expected, as waste of time. Besides which, you still miss the point. I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE EFFECTS OF CELLPHONES. I AM NOT TRYING TO (DIS)PROVE THEY ARE HARMFUL. I AM JUST TRYING TO CONVINCE YOU THAT YOUR DEVICE DOESN'T WORK, AND HAVE DONE SO TIME AND TIME AGAIN.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  9:35 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 YES BEN WELL IVE TOLD YOU TIME & TIME AGAIN THAT I WILL DEMONSTRATE IT TO YOU IN PERSON!!!!Give me your address & i will have some one come round & show you.......Do you understand that?
 Dr. Phil is a "Dr." too...  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  9:36 pm, Thu 18 Aug
 ben try DR Masaru Emoto you will have no trouble in finding him in yoiur yahoo search engine!!!
 I know it's against Trade Me's terms and conditions to try and bypass the auction process, but I'd really appreciate it if you could post your dealer's contact number up here. Sounds like he/she sells some good quality stuff. However, you may want to check what you're buying, because it looks to me like what you think is P is really crack cocaine. Thank you and good day.  posted by: mj6850 (17 )  12:17 am, Fri 19 Aug
 Micheal i suggest you go back to your crack house & get a better fix!!!!!sounds like you need it....
 I'm not sure I want to give you my address... you seem like the kind of guy who would break into my house if you didn't like the colour of my front door. I would, however, be perfectly happy having one of your representatives meeting with me at The University of Auckland's Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. I'm sure my colleagues here and I would have no problem ripping your little scam to pieces.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  10:42 am, Fri 19 Aug
 well if thats what you think you can do go for it!!i will get one of the jaffas in your area to show you something new.
 The term is JAFA... you damn yokel. When is a good time for this demonstration? If it can be proved scientifically that the device works I will buy one on the spot. I think my money's safe...  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  1:02 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 Well addy is useful & i will get a person to come round to you & demonstrate.
 I have Electronics background as well and I find this conversation slightly amusing. Better way to avoid cellphone EMF radiation is to have a handsfree kit. Or use handsfree speaker option if there is one? What sort of measuring equipments do you need to install your miracle device?  posted by: gadgetman (66 )  4:16 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 yeh well the handsfree kit is fine for car/office.The handsfree speaker option is a good one but who makes them?You dont need any equipment at all just put them on the back of your cell phone battery.They are about the size of a 20c piece very small.
 They probably cost you 20 cents as well. Are you making much money selling these ripoffs?  posted by: gadgetman (66 )  4:27 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 how would you know its a rip off harry?
 Why is there a picture of my daughter on this auction?  posted by: mally2 (9 )  4:42 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 whos daughter?
 "how would you know its a rip off harry?" Because it doesn't do anything... or should I say, it doesn't DO ANYTHING.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  4:55 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 ben why dont you go learn something at unversity & take all those emails & pictures i sent you.Your teacher might be interested too.
 Send your rep to: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Building 303, 23 Symonds Street, Auckland. Any time after noon on Monday is good.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  5:05 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 take your pictures to your professor/tutor ben...then i will make some arrangements for you.
 Teacher? Since when were there teachers at university? Do you have any education at all? Have already shared this auction with various academics and they all think you're on crack too.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  5:07 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 sweet good for you.
 And stealing pictures of children to promote your shoddy products? That's just low.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  5:09 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 Look Ben, nobody stole any pictures of any kids, this picture is of my daughter.
 my daughter, in the picture in your auction. I don't think you have asked for permission to have her photo in your auction.  posted by: mally2 (9 )  5:14 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 Excuse me but this is my daughter that I have a picture of on my auction!!! And yes I asked her permission thank you very much!! Do wireless phone accessories that claim to shield the head from RF radiation work? Since there are no known risks from exposure to RF emissions from wireless phones, there is no reason to believe that accessories that claim to shield the head from those emissions reduce risks. Some products that claim to shield the user from RF absorption use special phone cases, while others involve nothing more than a metallic accessory attached to the phone. Stud  posted by: gadgetman (66 )  5:15 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 Harry you pushover!!!Your FCC admits that there health concrerns!!!!!!Cant they solve a problem??What would this mean to you? " Cooperate in providing users of wireless phones with the best possible information on possible effects of wireless phone use on human health " They also say they dont have accurate R/F reading on there products so why would you waste your time believing all there stories?Yes they have limits too R/F exposure but dont have the people to keep company's doing what they
 Studies have shown that these products generally do not work as advertised. Unlike "hand-free" kits, these so-called "shields" may interfere with proper operation of the phone. The phone may be forced to boost its power to compensate, leading to an increase in RF absorption. In February 2002, the Federal trade Commission (FTC) charged two companies that sold devices that claimed to protect wireless phone users from radiation with making false and unsubstantiated claims. According to FTC, these   posted by: gadgetman (66 )  5:17 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 Studies of these devices show that they do work.FTC havnt really done all there home work mate.Good that they took some fraudsters too task.Do you know that not everything that is envented doesnt work?
 Were you and mally2 once married? You seem to have the same daughter. Perhaps you should settle your custody disputes in the courtroom?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  6:40 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 good on ya!
 Could you please answer the other 4 questions on this auction. Please :) Thanks.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  6:58 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 they are all yours dropflop!
 "take your pictures to your professor/tutor ben...then i will make some arrangements for you." I have. Arrange for me a meeting! Or am I calling your bluff? Ha ha!  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:05 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 No bluff here beneboy.....
 How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood. Ha ha! Wood.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:11 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 I have some headlight fluid if you'd like to buy some? Also some mystery CDs you could strap to your head to reflect nasty waves.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:13 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 have another latte......
 "Studies of these devices show that they do work." Studies, what studies? Pics or it didn't happen!  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:16 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 yeh thats right....yourve got pics!!!!
 So when am I gonna meet your rep? Does he exist or is he a figment of your imagination, like the fact that these chips work?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:19 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 yeh i will get on my cell phone this weekend!!!
 You mean latté?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:21 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 spinner!!!69 "JAFA"
 If the auction finishes without the reserve being met can you give me a fixed price offer? I could use a fire starter. A twisted fire starter. Ha ha, latte...  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:23 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 Don't talk on your cell-phone too long. You might brain your damage!  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:24 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 What the hell crack are you on? I don't understand your stupid backwoods slang...  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:25 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 Do you have any more hardcore pornography magazines to sell? Does your wife know you peddle this filth?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:26 pm, Fri 19 Aug
 Ken, I would like to thank you greatly for the entertainment you have provided. It appears that this auction will not meet reserve, can you please relist it so that we can continue to be entertained? Thank you in advance, and good day.  posted by: mj6850 (17 )  7:27 pm, Fri 19 Aug

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