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DO YOU USE CELL PHONES(your kids use them?) for sale - - New Zealand
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DO YOU USE CELL PHONES(your kids use them?)

No bids  |  Closed: 7:14 pm, Sun 11 Sep 2005
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Cell ph chips that protect you from electro magnetic waves that they produce.The waves come from the cell ph anntenna.These chips neutralise the waves keeping you safe.Children are at the most risk because of there skulls being a lot more thinner than adults.Ive got medical evidence to support this.Questions welcome.

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Closed 7:14 pm, Sun 11 Sep. This auction used auto-extend.

Auction Number: 35015849

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ken68 (29 
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Member since April 2004
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Jul 2005

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Location:Timaru, Timaru - Oamaru
Shipping:free shipping, Free shipping in NZ
Payment:  cash, bank deposit
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 Comments on this auction
 Do you have any devices I can buy that will neutralise pornography? (  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  4:26 pm, Mon 5 Sep
 Seller Comment:  If you are looking for brain waves "ieee1394" cant help ya.....All hot air.
 Are you going to answer my question or are you afraid of it ruining your perfect reputation?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  5:19 pm, Tue 6 Sep
 Also you may be interested in this:,aid,122382,00.asp Kind of makes your device redundant... well it would if it worked in the first place.  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  5:20 pm, Tue 6 Sep
 Heres is another example ben that you dont do your homework mate!!These waves will give you a tumor but its not as "significantly" incease it great...not.This must of been done by a amateur they didnt even run this study with the high risk group which are under 18year olds what a waste of time.
 Also speaking of hot air... still haven't heard from your rep. What gives?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  5:21 pm, Tue 6 Sep
 Seller Comment:  4 questions unanswered "ieee1394" that arnt worth an answer.Nothing new that anyone would be interested in.Thanx ben.
 There is new stuff there... your porno addiction... new studies... why I haven't been contacted... what are you hiding?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  7:08 pm, Tue 6 Sep
 Seller Comment:  "ieee1394"No significant evidence that tumors develop quicker ben.No anwsers there thats all that was accessed on!!!!Do you know they didnt even run the study on the high user category under 18 years olds ben you better go do some reading mate....
 I'll trade you a DVD of men with large genitals for a cell-phone neutraliser?  posted by: ieee1394 (11 )  8:38 pm, Tue 6 Sep
 I notice there are 5 unanswered questions on this auction. I would be interested in seeing these along with answers, to ensure you are not hiding questions exposing the potential ineffectiveness of this device.  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  8:39 pm, Tue 6 Sep
 Well jeff the questions that are not answered arnt questions just "ieee1394"comments not worth an answer.
 IEEE1394 made some intelligent comments in the one of the other auctions for this device, and he seemed to know what he was talking about. It seems to me that you are not answering his questions as you are worried this device has no benefits whatsoever.  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  1:33 pm, Wed 7 Sep
 Well jeff "ieee1394" had some idea of this EMR problem but intelligent comments....i dont think so.He was more concerned at personal cracks just as the unanswered questions on this auction are (6).Most people have better things too do with there day/night dont they."ieee1394" would make a good salesman though helped me create a lot of interest in these auctions,sales are all the better for that thanx ben.
 Could I ask what type of qualifications you have? Do you have degree or similar relevent to radio communication?  posted by: jeffbridges (0 )  11:37 am, Thu 8 Sep
 I have studing many different oppinions on the effects of (EMR)from world renound scientists & not just in the phone/radio communication area,both for & against the issue on effects on health too users.I dont have a formal degree on the communication area, but am a very concerned parent that would like too minimize the effects these electro magnetic waves have & subject my children to.
 if i was a parent, i would try anything to protect them... and there are conclusive studies out there that may not proove that this particular device works, but that cellphone radiation CAN harm children a lot more than adults! i have a friend who is at massy studing this and she advises to only allow children to text - not to call!  posted by: stupidwhitey (2 )  12:43 pm, Fri 9 Sep
 Yes thanx for this statement my device has been tested under many various ways & it does work in neutralising these EMR waves.The problem is that even if you are texting you are still getting subjecting yourself too the EMR waves but the frequency isnt quite as strong.Just remember one thing your phone will vary in the amount of EMR it emits with the signal from the anntenna too tower.
 how much do u charge   posted by: surfer_dude2 (1 )  9:09 pm, Fri 9 Sep
 charge for what?Are you asking price?
 ewwwwwwwwww se a bit ugly dont u thnk  posted by: batsnwine (4 )  10:03 am, Sat 10 Sep
 roberta nice not!!!!!

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